Pharaoh's Treasury: defeat ghosts and gain riches

Pharaohs Treasury: defeat ghosts and gain riches

Creators of gambling games that moved from the casino to the vastness of the World Wide Web, never cease to amaze fans of thrills new colorful and original stories. If you are bored with the classic applications such as "fruit" slot machines or 777-automats, you want more extensive and exciting action in the game of chance, try the simulator "Pharaoh's Gold III" - this is the latest and most interesting version of the famous series of games, which takes place in mysterious and unpredictable Egypt. One of the most alluring and enchanting countries in Africa invites the player to take part in an expedition of antiquities hunters who are about to start their journey. Want to join them - come in and remember that the number of places in the team is limited, hurry up!

So, in front of you opens the playing field of the machine, in which the five reels, divided by sections with the image of different symbols, you can recognize the analogy of earthly "one-armed bandits", which required their fans constant cash bets. In the online game, the principle is different. Here you can spin the reels for an unlimited amount of time without betting and enjoy free play. At the same time, you will not worry about the fact that your wallet will become lighter in case of an unfavorable game. In the game without real bets on the winning line is impossible to lose, but you can get a lot of incredible experiences, exactly the same feelings and emotions that are experienced by casino players in Las Vegas. On each line you can put at least 1 virtual coin and thus activate it. So why pay for something you can get for free?

In the third part of "Pharaoh's Gold" you will be waiting for the most incredible adventures - in the team of ancient artifact seekers you will have to fight with the mummies of pharaohs, ghosts and other evil forces to penetrate deep into the pyramid and get to the buried treasures. If you successfully overcome the obstacle course, do not fall into the prepared death traps, you will be able to choose any jewels from the treasury, taking them with you. In addition to difficulties, you are waiting for clues, so you do not need to worry about the fact that the game will end in defeat - just be attentive, pay attention to small things and details, signs of fate - it will certainly point to the right path.

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Author: John Tarvis

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