Gaming World: The Golden Key Lottery

Gaming World: The Golden Key Lottery

Every Saturday for more than fifteen years TV channels have been gathering a large number of gambling enthusiasts and those wishing to test their luck. The lottery has become so popular that tickets do not stay on sale for long. Every game draws an apartment, a car or a large cash reward.

To learn more about one of the popular lotteries you need to go to the website. There you can find more detailed information, rules of the game, as well as check the results of the draw. The lottery ticket itself looks as follows: the playing field is designed for two cards, on all of them there are nine columns and three lines, each line has five numbers, of which there are thirty. The numbers on the lines are selected by random method. The peculiarity is that the repetition of numbers is impossible, that is, the combination of numbers will always be unique and can not be repeated in different tickets.

The winner is determined by the consecutive falling out of balls with numbers. The game is divided into four rounds. In the first round the winner is determined by the balls falling out of the lottotron. The obligatory condition - the winner is the one who first crosses out five falling out numbers on one of the horizontal lines. If you manage to collect the right combination, you become the absolute winner and get the jackpot, as well as the prize from the first round. The most interesting thing is that the winning ticket can continue to participate in the game. The second round involves matching the numbers on your ticket with the fifteen numbers from the lotto machine. These tickets can also continue in the game.

In the third round, the mandatory condition for winning is the matching of thirty numbers from the lototron with the numbers on the lines of your ticket. If you become the winner of the third round, your ticket will not be able to continue the game. In the fourth round the winner is the one who will match all thirty numbers in different order on the lines of the ticket. The peculiarity of this round is that the sooner you cross out all the numbers, the bigger your cash winnings will be. Also, the player must know that if several tickets are winning and declared as winners, the main prize is divided between the participants. That is, there can be more than one winner.

If for some reason you have not had time to check the winning ticket, you can do it online. After the draw, the results of the balls that fell out are announced on the Golden Key lottery website.

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