Jack's magic bean theme games: defeat the giant

Jacks magic bean theme games: defeat the giant

For fans of gambling there is no better way of leisure than to spend time in virtual gaming halls, which allow you to test different machines for free, or playing for money. Such recreation not only helps to fully relax and rest, but along with this, also contributes to the development of skills and thinking abilities of man, improves memory, logic, attention, the ability to perceive data from the monitor PC. All this shapes our brain and makes more adaptable to life, allow more accurate and responsive in stressful conditions.

In Russian and Ukrainian virtual clubs today you can find a wide variety of game offers, which are available without betting and registration on the site. These are machines in different genres and on different topics, based on real events, fairy tales, fantasy stories ... Especially popular are fairy tale slot machines, the heroes in them are often vampires, trolls, leprechauns, zombies and even ogres. So, in one of the slot machines - "Jack and the Beanstalk" - the player will have to defeat the bloodthirsty giant.

On the site you will find a story written from a folk English fairy tale, in which the boy Jack, taking to the market to sell a cow, unexpectedly meets a gray-haired old man and exchanges the cow for magic beans. According to the old man, if the beans are planted in the evening, the plant will grow as tall as the sky. The boy's mother, a widow, upset that her son couldn't sell the only cow and make money, throws the magic beans out the window. And in the morning, a giant beanstalk is already looming outside Jack's house - the old man on the road didn't fool the child. Hoping to find out what will be at the end of the endless stalk, Jack climbs it to the top and discovers a path that leads to a distant cabin. The curious boy, of course, is curious to know who lives in such a faraway place, and he goes straight there. It turns out that the cabin is dominated by a real ogre. The giantess who met Jack has a good heart, and she hides the boy in the stove until the giant comes. Knowing that a hungry family is waiting at home, the boy returns to the ogre to steal a sack of gold coins and a goose, which is laid with golden eggs. Playing the machine, you will have to do all the same: grow babas and defeat the giant by cutting the stem!

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Author: John Tarvis

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